We hold a few special auctions during the year with a focus on oriental rugs where she presents a unique collection.

The next auction 2022 will be held at Taxinge Castle 2-3 July and 6-7 August. We will return with more information.

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Persian Evening

During its evenings, China gives lectures on Persian rugs and Persian culture where you get to learn about the origins of the rugs, how they are made and about the people behind these works of art. You also get a knowledge review of what to think about when buying carpets and how to relate to quality factors such as knot density and materials. We then give you the opportunity to purchase the carpets that are shown at moderate prices with a 6-month exchange right.

Art and music events

We hold unique art and music events in the store a number of times during the year, where our customers have the opportunity to discover new artists and performers.